Graphic Design / Industrial Design 


What makes a chair a chair? Is a chair a space? Can a chair become uncomfortable, transmitting its functionality to contemplative action? What specific functions must a chair or seat fulfill to be called as such? Through a series of questions, we conducted a project focused on contemplation, the antithesis of what a chair should really be. The chair is stripped of its primary function and gives space to many logical and illogical aspects that allow us to question its existence. .
We created “JUNTO,” a series of objects that are “functional,” “contemplative,” and “sculptural” that do not fulfill “specific functions,” allowing the user to interpret them in different ways. 
JUNTO invites us to analyze what we call “luxury” and “function.” In Baudrillard’s words, “We live in a world of simulation, in which the highest function of the sign is to make reality disappear, while at the same time hiding this disappearance.” 
JUNTO is an allegory that allows us to play with the function of the sign and reality. It is an experimental project that allows us to explore different possibilities in terms of narrative, form, and function.

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