Industrial Design

The client

A brief chat with a Mexican girl, precisely in Jalisco, a girl with blue eyes like agave, a girl who tells us about her life full of injustices. A girl named Socorro.
The same girl who inspired us to create our brand, Socorro told us about the injustices she experienced in her community and about the lack of water they had. That is why the brand name of our tequila, for paying tribute to Socorro as a representative of social injustices in Mexico.
 Socorro is a Tequila brand socially committed to the orphanages in Jalisco. Committing to donate a box of water for each purchase of a box of tequila. “Case for a case”
The graphic identity shows the abstraction of hands protruding from the sea, telling the story of Socorro, as well as other children suffering from water shortages in Jalisco Mexico.

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